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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Prayer List

Philippians 4:6 (New International Version)

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 

At Turin Baptist Church, we believe in the power of prayer.  

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Turin Baptist Church Prayer - List Updated 5/1/24


Adams, Donnie family (Ken)

Alvey, Gabi (Bob)

Amil, Marie (Lynda)

Arnold, Martha

Bernocco, Cheryl 

Birdsong, Mary Jane (Adam G.’s mom)

Blankenship, Rheta

Boire, Brian & Family (Adam)

Brooke, Gail (Glenda)

Busbee, Barrett (Glenda)

Cahill, Kelly (Vickie)

Camp, Carlos & Shirley

Chavers, Noah, Misty & John (Rheta)

Conn Family

Crunkleton, Tony & Darlene

Davis, Angie (Joni)

Daws, Shelly (Vickie)

D’Spain, Becky & Mike (Vickie)

Funke, Gary & Kathy (Amy)

Grogan, Bobbi (Vicki’s aunt)

Hammond, Harold (Harold) (Cheryl)

Heard, Jerry (Joe)

Henry, Tina (CeeCee)

Hogan, Bobby & Janice (Bob)

Holleman, Robert & Joni Rayburn

Holtzendorff, Lucian (John)

Horst, Janice

Hudson, Joe (Sherry)

Israel & Middle East

Joachino, Joan (Marcie

Jones, Eric (DeAnna) leukemia 

Kibler, Myra (Nicki’s mom)

Kiebow family

Kuiken, Diane & Russ (Bob’s sister)

Law Enforcement Officers

Lamb, Teresa & Brian McCoy (Betty)

Leach, Vickie & Bob

Leonard, Amanda (Linda)

Long, Janet (Bob’s sister)

Manwaring, Jerry (Larry’s brother)

Manwaring, Lynda & Larry

Martin, Sheryl & Kirk (Amy’s mom)

Mathis, Gen (Lynda)

McDonald, Robyn (Betty)

McDuffie, Stephen & Barbara

McDuffie, John & Marcie

McElhaney, Emily (Bob)

McElroy Family

McNeilus, Anny (Joni’s friend, cancer)

Meadows, Chance (9yrs. old, cancer - Pat)

Medical Personnel

Mitchell, Helen (Joni)

Mock, Dale

Moody, Margaret(Glenda)

Neal, Ted (Amy)

Nearly, Tom (Vicki W.)

Neal, Ted (Amy)

Updated 5/1/24


Neece, Kevin (John)

Odom, Sherry

Oliver, Sara Ann (Sherry)

Our Troops, Our Leaders & Our Nation

Our Students, Parents, and Teachers

Our Missionaries

Patterson, Betty (Laura’s mom)

Peace, Lou Jean 

Peacock, Mark

Pelt, Bill (Amy’s dad)

Petrie, David (Joe)

Piner, Betty

Pitts, Ed

Poindexter, Megan (Sherry O.)

Rushing, Vickie (Johnny)

Smith, Jo Nell

Snow, Tommy & Elaine (Sherry)

Stoner, Toni (Vickie)

Sullivan, Emily (Cheryl)

Summers, Brenda (Johnny)

Suits, Cindy (Laura)

Thomas, Russ & Bethany

Ukraine & Russia

Waddell, Lisa & Taylor Adams (Darlene)

Wilcox, Gabe (Joe)

Wilson, Debbie (Carl & Amy)

World Peace

Wyatt, Ed & Cindy